Creating an Online Persona

As part of a Career Exploration unit, we're going to explore the idea of "persona construction." At the end of the unit, every student will have created a professional persona that potential employers will want to hire. Please follow the steps below to complete the Unit. At the end of the Unit, please post a comment on this post and paste in your link. Of the many apps that you can attach to your page, you should have at least three apps linked to your page. Part 1: First, let's see what kind of a person you are. Self-awareness is one of the keys to leading a good life, or at least that's what Socrates said...  Anyway, you can find out your personality type  here . The results of this test are pretty reliable. After you've taken the test, record your four-letter personality type and do a  Google Search  for "Careers for (your four-letter type)". E.g.,  Google: "Careers for INTP". and you should be able to find some pos